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Location: 1,000 Credits
Height:175 cm
Weight:70 Kg
First Name:Alexander
Middle Name:Credits
Last Name:Credits
Date of Birth:10 Credits
Dick Size:Credits
Sex Position:Credits
Sex Fetishes:10 Credits
Humiliating Sex Fantasy:100 Credits


Muscle stud Alexander is 25 from England. He works in manufacturing and regularly goes to the gym and plays sports, which keeps him fit and lean.

He is straight and has a girlfriend but needs money to pay off debts and take his girlfriend on holiday. He knows that gay guys check him out, so it didn’t take much convincing for him to agree to sell nudes for cash. However, getting him to take humiliating pics and vids and expose his real info on a porn site was more challenging!

After a lot of discussion, and paying him a good amount of money, he finally agreed to do humiliating pics and vids and sign the release contract. I wonder if he will ever tell his girlfriend how he paid for her holiday…